Audiophile-Quality Headphone Amplifier

More Photos (PVC enclosure)

Buffers audio signal from portable audio devices specifically for use with high impedance headphones or where stronger sound is desired. High quality, low tolerance, low noise components used. Professional PCB with precision virtual ground circuit based on precision power opamp. Requires one "9v" battery. Can be built into Altoid's tin like the cMoy amplifier below.

  • Professionally-made PC Board
  • 1000uF Panasonic Bypass Capacitor
  • Active Split-supply circuitry
  • Low-noise amplifier chip
  • 1% Tolerance components throughout
  • Rugged Enclosure
  • Precision machined volume knob
  • Volume potentiometer with integrated power switch + Blue LED indicator
  • Requires one 9-volt battery - battery life varies with use
  • One year warranty from date of delivery

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