About Me

My name is Paul McGowan, Jr. and I am an Electronics Engineer with several years of on-the-job electronics design experience as well as a lifetime of tinkering and project-building.

I began building headphone amplifiers in the late 1990s, using LM386 ICs. About three years ago, I began building far superior circuits based on higher-quality ICs to serve the audiophile and eBay community. Often referred to as "cMoy" headphone amplifiers, these op-amp based devices offer great sound, a small package, and decent battery life - all at reasonable cost.

My devices use top quality ICs, low tolerance components, and well-designed analog circuitry - all to deliver crisp, clear, responsive sound for your own personal enjoyment - from all major portable (and table-top) devices, along with all sorts of headphone drivers.

I appreciate your interest in my devices and hope that you'll give yourself the opportunity to enjoy them as I do.

Thank you!

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